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Hear It From Me

Hey guys, what do you call a library with only two books?

Libinary! Hahaha - and this is why I crossed 'TO BECOME A STAND-UP COMEDIAN,' off of my career list.

Before publishing any of my work, I wanted to give an insight on why this blog exists. Aside from writing horrible pun-like sentences, I also have a proclivity towards writing - mostly short-stories.

In this blog, I have decided to share my work with the world, both, to ameliorate my fictional anecdotes, and to share my passion and get a head-start to my desired destination of becoming an author.

If you're wondering why I named this Epiphany, it is simply because I hope to bring a sense of mystery and an unknown fragrance to everything I write. I don't want readers to read something they predict the ending to. Every sudden realization a reader gets, will emphasize on my style of writing.

Hope you like it!

~ Mahati Sathish

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