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Munni Metric Pass 2 1 Full Movie In Hindi Dubbed Download Movies

Munni Metric Pass 2 1 Full Movie in Hindi Dubbed Download Movies

Munni Metric Pass 2 is a 2016 Hindi adult romantic drama film directed by Suresh Jain. The film stars Ankita, Naziya, Vikky, Dimple, Vaishali, Gulshan, Waheeda Khan, Shaba, Sabir, Praveen, Afsar Shaikh, Bharti, Pappu, S. Shastri, Ravesh Dogra and others. The film is about the life of Munni, a young girl who dreams of becoming a doctor but faces many challenges and obstacles in her way. The film is a sequel to the 2014 film Munni Metric Pass.

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The film was released on March 18, 2016 and received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. Some praised the film for its bold and realistic portrayal of the issues faced by women in rural India, while others criticized the film for its poor script, direction and acting. The film was also controversial for its explicit scenes and dialogues that were deemed inappropriate for the Indian censor board. The film was banned in some states and faced legal troubles from various groups and individuals who claimed that the film was vulgar and offensive.

The film was also dubbed in other languages such as Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam and released online on various platforms such as YouTube, BookMyShow and Times of India. However, the quality of the dubbed versions was not up to the mark and many viewers complained about the poor audio and video quality. Moreover, the film was also pirated and leaked on several websites that offered free downloads of the full movie in Hindi dubbed version. This affected the box office collections of the film and also posed a threat to the intellectual property rights of the makers.

Despite the negative publicity and controversies surrounding the film, Munni Metric Pass 2 managed to attract a niche audience who enjoyed the film for its bold and daring content. The film also gained a cult following among some viewers who appreciated the film for its message of women empowerment and education. The film also sparked a debate on the role of cinema in society and the need for more realistic and diverse representation of women on screen.

If you are looking for Munni Metric Pass 2 1 full movie in Hindi dubbed download movies, you can check out the links below to watch or download the film online. However, we advise you to watch the film legally from authorized sources and respect the hard work of the filmmakers.

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