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Mozart Violin Concerto No.3 In G Major Sheet Music

December 18, 2006 at 05:39 AM Ok, so maybe I am a little hard on myself. But after being frustrated with the amount of ambiguity in many graded repertoire lists and hearing so many music teachers, professors, and students complain, I have taken it upon myself to create my own graded repertoire (with help from many sources). The criteria for each level is not specific, as that would mean 110 different analyses of each work. However, I have taken into consideration the technique and musicality required to play the pieces (bow control, dexerity, vibrato, flexibility, tone quality, and tempo among other things). For this reason, the Paganini concertos are not higher in level than other, technically easier pieces (such as Barber and Beethoven) for the reason that Barber and Beethoven require more insight and knowledge to play. Tonality is also taken into account. The levels range from 1-13+, 1 being the easiest and + being disgusting. Please feel free to comment, inquire, reject, or add (or some other verb) to this list. I am not perfect, so if I have missed something important, misspelled something, or misjudged a piece, please let me know. Please keep in mind, these are pieces for solo violin and orchestra.

Mozart Violin Concerto No.3 In G Major Sheet Music

Kevin, I misplaced the Valse-Scherzo. It should have been in level 10. As for the Paganini concertos, technically, I agree, but musically, I do not. See the revised list. I moved them up. And for the Schubert Fantasy, I saw a performance of it with orchestra. All of the pieces on this list go: w/ orchestra --> w/ piano, or vice-versa. I felt the need to include them, seeing as the list for violin and piano will take a very long time.

-concerto-in-c-major-op-48-mc0002357654 and the next line in Sassmannshaus's graded repertoire list mentions a concerto by him with no details, so it's probably referring to the same one (he only published one violin concerto). 041b061a72


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