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The final piece was that whenever I heard the word "teenanna" I would become that girl. I would have no memory other than being that girl. I would believe that I was a high school age girl and act as we had discussed. Easy but not a total slut. I would know nothing about being older, married, or anything else about my adult life. I would know Marty as my uncle who was taking care of me since my parents had died in a car wreck. Lastly The word "realanna" would return me to my normal state.


It was just after breakfast that Marty looked at me and said teenanna. We spent the first part of the day shopping for clothes that an oversexed teen girl would wear. We picked up a few decorating supplies, and headed home. The afternoon was spent rearranging the spare room and personalizing it as teenage Anna's room. 041b061a72


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