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Hybrids between parapatric chromosomal races of the common shrew are often expected to be complex Robertsonian heterozygotes with monobrachial homology, which form chain (C) or ring (R) configurations of three or more elements at prophase I of meiosis. Such complex meiotic configurationsare considered to be more susceptible to irregularity. As a consequence, complex heterozygotes are expected to be less fertile than homozygotes of pure chromosomal races. At present, interracial hybrids with different types of meiotic configurations from CIII and RIV up to CXI and RVI have been revealed from seventeen well-studied hybrid zones (Searle and Wójcik 1998, Bulatova et al. 2011, Polyakov et al. 2011, Orlov et al. 2012). Studies so far have shown that hybrids with long chain or ring configurations have more abnormalities during meiosis than hybrids with shorter configurations; however even in these cases the complex meiotic configurations do not appear to be associated with complete sterility (Mercer et al. 1992, Narain and Fredga 1997, Jadwiszczak and Banaszek 2006, Pavlova et al. 2008). There is a need to document more fully the match between complexity of karyotype and degree of regularity of the meiotic configurations expected.

It was assumed that interracial hybrids of the common shrew (complex heterozygotes with multiple Rb rearrangements) had either significantly reduced fertility or were completely sterile (Searle 1988, 1993, Aniskin and Lukianova 1989). Mice and mole voles that differed in several Rb translocations, exhibited reduced fertility too (Capanna 1975, Lyapunova et al. 1990, Hauffe and Searle 1998, Bakloushinskaya et al. 2010). Furthermore, reduced fertility and presence of aneuploid cells were revealed in heterozygotes from different hybrid zones of house mouse chromosomal races that varied in monobrachial homologous metacentrics (Said et al. 1993, Nunes et al. 2011). The fertility of hybrids most likely depends on the amount of monobrachial homologous metacentrics. Indeed, complex heterozygotes of Sorex araneus from the contact zone of Oxford and Hermitage races had an increased content of defective testicular tubes and testis with reduced weight, whereas simple heterozygotes were similar to homozygotes (Garagna et al. 1989). However, in the common shrew, even extremely long meiotic chain configurations may not necessarily lead to complete sterility (Mercer et al. 1992). For example, hybrids from a contact zone of Moscow and Seliger races that exhibited the most diverse pattern of monobrachial homologous metacentrics with an additional WART translocation had mature spermatozoa (Pavlova et al. 2008).

Probably, the four metacentrics that form SC tetravalent in interracial Moscow-Neroosa hybrids undergo successful separation, spermatocytes are not arrested (or are arrested partially) and balanced gametes are formed in the end. This is also supported by the presence of numerous spermatozoa in hybrid testis cell suspensions. Further studies are needed to measure the level of aneuploidy. 041b061a72


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