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Trapped In Paradise

For a little more than a year after the infamous attack that plunged the U.S. into World War II, four nuns from the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange who were doing missionary work in the Solomon Islands were trapped behind enemy lines.

Trapped in Paradise

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Iosilzon provides little specific context, suggesting a utopian environment whose inhabitants are reluctant to depart, happily trapped in paradise. But any idyll, in Iosilzons conception, remains subject to disruption. Perhaps the most viscerally charged of the paintings on view is Fear of Orange Water (The Shower). This large canvas depicts what seem to be the faces of several people in a shower trying to evade a predator. The piece powerfully conveys confusion and impulsiveness, resonant of Philip Gustons allusion to cravings. As with most of Iosilzons scenes, this one is simultaneously other-wordly and familiar. Its unclear where and how it might arise, yet it also feels fundamentally true. This dual quality pervades her work and, playful though that work can be, lends it mythical power.

Three years after a group of four Uyghurs held in the Guantanamo U.S. detention facility were resettled in the resort island of Bermuda, they remain "prisoners in paradise" with their lives in legal limbo and one of them out of work, according to reports.

TRIP / Trapped in Paradise is an event organizer and video production hub focused on creating special experiences with world-class artists in prime locations. TRIP organizes one of a kind, exceptional moments for people looking to experience the world of paradise.

Travel options outside the U.S. are still limited due to COVID-19 restrictions, but if you are planning to leave the country, realize the risks. Another country's rules could leave you trapped in paradise.

However, with the event due to finish Thursday, some delegates that did make it are now trapped on the island. While the airports are now open, key airlines, including Virgin Australia, are reportedly waiting till at least Saturday before recommencing flights.

A NYC resident who traveled to Hawaii to hike got trapped in a blinding snowstorm for two days near the summit of a volcano and had to be rescued. Because of course a New Yorker would escape NYC in the dead of winter, travel to a beautiful tropical paradise, and somehow end up snowed-in.

Heidi Schwartz (left) holds a cat trapped at 141089 Temple Circle in Magalia on Feb. 22. Joy Smith, who heads FieldHaven Feline Center in Lincoln and opened the Transfer Station in Paradise to help Camp Fire pets, holds one trapped Feb. 23 at 5700 Woodglen Drive in Paradise.On the morning of Nov. 8, Abigail Lopez and her boyfriend were packing a few essential belongings when she opened the back door and one of her cats, Friday, slipped out. 041b061a72


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