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RidleyOfficial artwork of Ridley as he appears in Metroid: Zero Mission.SpeciesUnknown (space dragon in non-canon media)HomeworldZebes[1]BornPrior to all events of the Metroid timeline.Reborn through cloning in Metroid: Other M.DeathSuper MetroidMetroid: Other M (clone)Metroid Fusion (X Parasite clone)GenderMaleHairNo HairEye colorYellow, orange, yellow-green (varies between appearances)AffiliationSpace Pirate military commander.

JAB ComiX Americunt Dragon 1 2l

Resembling an emaciated pterodactyl-dragon with glowing eyes, the true name of Ridley's species is unknown. Despite his bestial appearance, Ridley is known to be highly intelligent and even capable of speech in the Magazine Z manga. He was also apparently capable of building a robot in his own likeness. Though Ridley often appears in different forms, it is clarified through scans in the Metroid Prime series, as well as events portrayed in Metroid: Other M, that every one of his incarnations chronologically seen prior to Other M and Metroid Fusion are indeed the same individual (the exception being the Ridley Robot), despite his numerous defeats. Strangely, some of his prior battles ended with his body seemingly exploding, but in-game lore states he survived these violent defeats until Super Metroid. In most games in which he appears, he has been the penultimate or ante-penultimate boss.

In the NES version, he mostly appeared similar to his later appearances, although the head crest was missing, and was depicted as only slightly taller than Samus Aran. In addition, the artwork for Ridley, depending on the source, either depicted him with a leech-like head and tridactyl feet (concept art) or otherwise as a chibi dragon with expressive purple eyes (Japanese Metroid guide). Interestingly, both sources depicted Ridley with blue skin, although the game itself depicted Ridley with purple skin.


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