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Zebra Card Studio Serial [full ##BEST## Version]l

A1.0 card printing solution The printer integrates perfectly into the compact Zebra CardStudio Professional scene. With outstanding quality and the best combination of ink and paper, your card projects come out stunning and professional. In addition to the state-of-the-art ink technology, the printer is equipped with the new and innovative BLINK sensor.BLINK: A true piece of software, it is very intelligent and its built-in compatibility with the Smartcard Reader in the Zebra CardStudio, ensures that the printed card is perfectly aligned. No alignment is necessary. It will thus feel like you were using the original card cutter of the professional A1.0. Print on stock materials such as paper, films and laminates, and both plain and special coating paper.

Zebra Card Studio Serial [Full Version]l

Parallel operation with A1.0 card cutters No need to make your card projects more complicated, as the Zebra CardStudio can be connected to almost all A1.0 card cutters, and print directly therefrom, parallel. This is especially easy and convenient when you have a large number of card projects to print. With the new A1.0 card printer, you can print continuously from the A1.0 card cutter, without the need to change paper or use the paper/platen belt. Therefore, the printers are completely independent from each other. No need to worry about paper jams or misalignment of your finished cards. You can still use the unique Zebra CardStudio for your postcard projects. The cardprojector will now print your projects directly on the stock material, with no need to change paper or use the paper/platen belt.


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