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Champagne Problems - Taylor Swift

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

*I tried writing the other perspective of Taylor Swift's 'Champagne Problems.' I tried.

I booked the night train for a reason

So I could clear my head

Heavy whispers in the distance

I’m lost, I’m spinning again

‘Cause when you left me out there standing

My heart had stopped its beating

I didn’t understand what I’d done wrong

I had a ring in my pocket

Diamond - don’t you like it?

Don’t blame it all on your

Champagne problems

I had to tell them for a reason

Couldn’t keep in all this shame

I never thought you'd ever leave me

To be the one that got away

Dom Perignon, your favourite

Now it’s in shards, can’t feel it

I wonder if I could ever be this numb

“What happened?”

Dumbstruck, speechless

Give me a reason, I can take it

But you just blame it on your

Champagne problems

Your Midas touch on the Chevy door

November flush, and your flannel cure

Let’s just go back to basics, we don’t need them

Baby, we’ll be fearless

How evergreen I thought was our love

Guess you didn’t expect all that much

Please come back, and we’ll walk through the demons that once tried to hurt you,

Couldn’t care less, I heard it all

“What a shame she’s messed in the head, they said”

But I promised you I would be there

So why did you leave? It’s just not fair

‘Cause you said you’d never leave me hanging

Told me it wasn’t a game and

You left me crestfallen

Now I’ve champagne problems

Still have the ring in my pocket,

In hopes, you’ll come back to me again

Look at that, now I share all your champagne problems

It’s all I have of you, oh, champagne problems.


Been having writer's block lately, and I just thought I needed a fresh start, so I tried to find myself whilst discovering different emotions while writing this, I pray I get my voice back soon.)

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