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Dear Lover,

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Inspired by George Eliot's 'Middlemarch.'

Dear lover,

Tell me, do you ever look up at the sky?

Confused; anxious about where your heart is headed

A fiery meadow leading up to the unknown - a path you've always enjoyed,

Until this very moment

I question myself to make sure it's not delusion,

'Am I reading it all wrong? '

But a small part of me likes to hope that in the countless pages you let everyone else see,

At least one chapter would be reserved for my eyes

If we could go back in time,

I'd still be scared

I'd still doubt myself too much to even pose a question

If we could go back in time, I'd still only try to be brave

I can picture it in my head, all clear

But I still need to know

Do you ever look up at the stars infinite,

Wondering about endless possibilities;

Wondering which one might lead you home?

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14 feb. 2023

Interesting but

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