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God Save The Queen

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

In a land far away, where the trees bowed to every bird’s calling, lived a young woman whose life had stopped too soon. No, she hadn’t died, but death did seem like the better option. A marvellous girl, she was; unexpectedly smart in various streams of education, such as dancing and singing (although she was more notorious for her skills in flirting and courtship). The most unique knowledge however, especially for a woman at that time, was of her political awareness and functions and the influence she had on matters with international affairs.

As a member of a ruthless King’s court, she had impacted many people with her ideas and perceptions, one of the main influences being the introduction of England being included as a part of the protestant nations. However, this act only escalated when the King fell in love with her and cut ties with the catholic church. Why did they have to take such drastic measures? According to what Catholics followed, one cannot marry another while already in a relationship as it is an act of being unfaithful to God and to his partners, and since the King already had a wife of 24 years, he couldn’t marry his new love. After they were secretly married, the young woman was officially crowned Queen of England five months later, on June 1st, 1533.

After three years of torturous rumours of the Queen - accusing her of adultery, incest, even witchcraft and manipulative conspiracies by then recently excommunicated Thomas Cranmer, her husband began to believe she was good for nothing and wasn't a matter of use or interest anymore. Cranmer used to be a part of the catholic church, but feeling betrayed by the Queen, he fed lies to the King about her behaviour. Although the King had his share of adultery and betrayal, his concern and rage for the Queen for birthing a female child instead of a rightful male heir led to him ordering a French swordsman to behead his innocent wife at the London Tower.

As strong as she fought for herself and her child to be respected, loved, and deemed worthy of power, her ideals as a feminist were ahead of her time in a stubborn patriarchal world. However, her family’s legacy of forever altering the economy and political viewpoint still lives on today. One of her last wishes before dying was to somehow get revenge on all those who wronged her just because she was a woman came true when her daughter grew up to be one of the most potent people to rule England.

490 years ago today, Anne Boleyn was crowned Queen of England. She was one of the strongest, most resilient and courageous queens England has ever seen, but was tragically and brutally murdered for both false and incompetent accusations. According to historians, some of her powerful last words were prayers to God - hoping her only daughter, although a disgrace to Henry VIII, her husband, will be the most powerful Queen to throne England, so she could get her revenge and be at peace. Anne Boleyn was decapitated on 19th May 1536, followed by Henry VIII who died due to natural causes on the 28th of January, 1547. Boleyn’s wishes came true when the country, after both of their deaths, was throned by one of the greatest rulers the English Monarchy has ever seen - Elizabeth I.

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