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Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Blue was the water that washed upon your beautiful, soft feet. Some of the sand grains trying to escape from between your toes realised how warm you were and decided they stay. Orange was the starfish that swept with the effervescence of the wave. Maybe it bothered you that you didn’t have the perfect childhood. The perfect parents. You tried to be the best version of yourself, as much as you could. You gave; no one ever reciprocated. Your little, creamy palms picked up the sea creature. ‘Go home, little one.’ ‘I already am,’ it replied, flexing out its lustrous skin; equivalent to a puppy’s eyes. Green were the leaves that swept across your freckled face. Dark brown eyes glimmering as the cold wind pricked the corners of your sharp nose. You smiled, brushing the plant away from your countenance, but hid your dimples immediately as you shied away from that gorgeous painting you called your face. Yellow was the Sun as it glanced over to you, trying to understand how something so unique of a creature was not known to the world. The wind flew by again, wanting another autograph. Jawlines? I have a fetish of. Thanks to the breeze, I could see a structure that couldn’t compare to a meticulous dessert prepared in a seven-star restaurant. Your velvety, brown curls glided back and forth as if it were a movie. Purple was the colour of the sky when it reflected your blazer. Wearing one on a hot evening proved how you never loved your delicate hips, yet you always lectured on how the beauty of the mind overpowers what’s physically seen. Black was the hole in my heart when I realised what I had. Red were my cheeks as a fraction of rose flush surpassed. Magenta was the petal that fell from a flower on your long black eyelashes.

White were the clouds that camouflaged your wings as you flew above the sea. I never dared to say a word; scared, I hid in the darkness. That was my biggest mistake. I know it’s too late to apologise, but I am sorry. I am sorry for not knowing you for who you really were. I am sorry I hadn’t divulged what a beautiful soul you had. I’m sorry I didn’t portray the support you needed.

Goodbye, love, I am sorry I was never apprised that you are beauteously perfect.

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