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Updated: Jun 2, 2023

It’s a funny thing, love

It comes and goes as it pleases

Taking whatever it wants

Time; warmth; memories

A greedy thief, taking away the pleasure, the happiness

Leaving behind the pain

Alas, it’s fascinating how the human body and mind can withhold so much grief,

and yet act as if all of the sorrow has been vanquished

A façade shown to everyone but oneself

Shines like the North Star on a clear, night sky

Then you look through the frost-bitten windows

And see an outlined figure, cornered up against a wall

Whispering to no one in particular;

Crying out loud because no one else is there

Not anymore

Manipulating their own mind into thinking they’re fine, because of the same reason

It’s almost laughable how one doesn’t talk about it to anyone else

Simply out of the fear that everyone judge - they will

It’s funny how we’d go by days and nights,

Laughing, clinking glasses

Never once admitting to ourselves that we’re all the same.

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