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Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Hope is a delicate thing

You saved me from my hurricane

And I gave you a broken heart in return

I still shiver with the feeling of longing

The kind of desperation that feeds off of empty walls

I’d look through every universe for you, if I could

Thorns prick my stolen heart

We said , 'For better or for worse'

But there’s nothing worse than letting your pride take control

Apologies are overrated

Or maybe I’m just in a painful stage of denial

But would you come back if I asked you to?

‘I’ll find you,’ I’d say

But I don’t know if you’re lost or if you’ve only gone to get a peace of mind

Come back

Helpless and alone,

I strive to find tranquillity in your absence, but

Honey, I yearn for your kind of love

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