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Catch Me If You Care

People always leave.

It’s a Shawn Hunter thing.
It’s a Peyton Sawyer thing.
It’s a Jack Pearson thing.

A star in the sky blinks every time a teardrop falls
Almost begging for people to have hope
But how would one trust people
When people never love them for who they are;
Rather they only appreciate the idea of them
How would one trust people,
When people always leave?

It’s a sad story to be said in humorous tone
Because those who don’t recognise your pain don’t deserve your heart
‘A broken one, they say, is made of glass’
Yet a tongue like shards is unforgivable

Who am I to answer?
Who are you?

Alone I stand, watching their dwindling figures turn from everything to nothing
The warmth that was never really there smirking at me; patronising
The flea-sized pool of water in my eyes, as stubborn as my mind - refusing to look up at the night sky
Alone I stand and wonder if perhaps there were a reason people always leave

It’s a me thing.

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