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Chapter I - Fallacy

There are people out there, I’ve witnessed, who simply do not understand the complexity of dealing with personal stressors in life

If it doesn’t relate to you, it doesn’t concern you

It’s as simple as that

I’ve also noticed the most funny thing, I’m sure most have experienced

It’s that people tell you that it is good to talk about personal stressors - and it’s true

It is the healthiest way of calming oneself; of freeing oneself

But it doesn’t quite make sense when the same people question your ‘excuses’

It only isolates one from conversation - which apparently is another thing you mustn’t do

The truth is, what one person needs, isn’t necessarily what another would

Because every individual goes through different traumas, no matter the outer diagnosis

Everyone has a different mind - how it works; what it creates; how it processes; how it’s pressured; what it can take; what it can’t take

And to generalise these elements just because it’s ‘hard to understand’ only makes one feel as worthless as the same people tearing them down claim that they never should.

Now I try to say this in the most elegant manner, as I do not wish to start up unnecessary fires, but do note that this isn’t to be taken simply

I consider this new wall to be the abode for my darling demons; the next few writings to be the freedom for their wings (yes, they have wings. They also happen to wear a pair of Frye Chelsea boots)

So if I do get a bit out of hand, know that it is not my intention to offend anyone, it is only my personal thoughts that may or may not get out of hand at times

In my defence, no one has complete control over their mercurial state of emotions, and of course,

The all-consuming nature of fear, anxiety, insomnia - must I go on?

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