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Chapter II - Callous Whisper

I’ve noticed lately, when people witness something even slightly uncomfortable, they tend to laugh out loud, ignoring all kinds of signs and move along with their only momentarily interrupted lives.

It’s a normalised reflex, let’s assume, to not pay attention to what your gut says,

And to pretend like it’s not their business

But it is, isn’t it?

At the end of the day, there are still people vouching for how all of humanity should celebrate unity and strength. That strength comes from unity.

But where is that unity when snickers float across the street, echoing in the back of your mind forevermore? Where is the unity when you act like it doesn’t happen to every other person? Where is the unity when you pretend these ‘unspeakable’ issues don’t exist just to make your life easier, when thousands suffer from struggling to gain even an ounce of courage?

The strength people vouch for isn’t the strength that is practiced.

This hypocrisy not only teaches shame to millions of women/ AFABs; it also proves the increasing injustice in this perfect, democratic façade we continue to survive in.

Doesn’t make sense?

If a female is sexually harassed or assaulted in any way, the first question people (often people of authority) ask them is why they didn’t do anything to stop the abuser - this ranges in various categories : the type of clothing they wear; how they defended themselves; why they didn’t carry protection; the location they were at; the time the assault took place (I mean, how does this question make any logical sense?); the way they were walking; why they smiled; why they didn’t call out for help; why they didn’t scream; why they didn’t immediately report the crime; how trustworthy is the victim; ‘why should we believe you’; why this; how this; why that; how that; don’t you think-; why this; how that; why that; how this; why; how; why; how; why; how why…is the picture still not clear?

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