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Updated: Jun 2, 2023

If I could go forward in time

I'd see if everything's the same

I'd see how the stars of fate's aligned

If I even deserve a second chance

Are we really never gonna talk about it?

Is this really how it ends?

You walking out the door in your midnight dress

And my silence answering the lingering questions

'It's for the best,' only for you

I stand here all alone in this empty room,

In my tear soaked jumpsuit, I wait

I wait until I’m ready to face you again

I wait until I’m ready to apologise

You know this was two-sided, but you’ve left me thinking it’s all on me

So now I’m doubting myself, as if you never hurt me

But I’ll be ready, one day

One day, when I can look back

And see this not for what it is;

A painful trial and error

But for the happiness it once was

Some say there’s always a dark cloud covering the sunshine,

Darling, if anything, I’m sorry I’m the reason you never really shined bright.

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