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Lights, Camera, Distraction

When you look a certain way for a long period of time, people start to recognise you
When they start to recognise you, people talk
When people talk, it’s hard not to fall apart inside
Because when people talk, they don’t talk about how talented you are
They don’t talk about how kind you are; how smart you are; how wise you are
They talk about whatever brings them attention
Even if it hurts the subject of conversation
You start to lose concentration on your surroundings,
Too focused on trying to hide from the spotlight
I was busy doing the same when you walked into that old record store
With your worn out THE GAP cap, grey,
a single cricket glove in your hand, baseball in the other
There was a faint buzz in the background; a song i was too distracted to recognise
‘May I help you?’ you said.

I saw it then
I felt it then
I knew it then.

It was as if I was a brand new person
With no prior impressions on this gorgeous stranger

Months pass,
I’ve forgotten the faces of ones who hurt me and those I lost
Your love like tape we used in middle school for crafts
Patching up the shreds of paper fallen on the cold, hard ground

A walk back to the record store,
The bell at the entrance rings
You smile your sweet smile and take out that old vinyl and the faint buzzing starts

And isn’t it just so pretty to think, all along there was some invisible string tying you to me.

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