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When The Sunflowers Smile

I’m not sure where to start,

I’ve never written anything that rhymes; I find them pointless, and honestly, a bit childish

I guess it is childish, though, to attribute such fantastical elements to a friend

Is it childish not to care?

It’s in the quirk of your sudden laughter,

It’s within every careless twirl of your summer dress

It’s in your secret whispers ‘They don’t know about us’

That make me question everything I’ve ever known about love

I can’t help but compare the concept of romance with salt and pepper;

A black and white pinterest board, ‘love doesn’t matter’

I can’t help but imagine a victorian setting; secret scarlet letters

But the moment I look at you is the moment it all shatters

Now all I see are cotton candy skies

Every step closer, electric;

An innocent glint in those dark, chocolate eyes

Everything I had seen - slanted, romantically

Now symmetrical imperfection 

It’s unfathomable how something forbidden 

Could romanticise romance

Something already so desired and delicate

Wrapped with utmost care; a floral bow on top

I see colours apart from red, pink, and purple

I see the point of it all, I see what they mean now

I see the serene in your chaos

When the sunflowers smile.

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